• http://www.michael-martinez.com/ Michael Martinez

    It’s funny. You’ll get better data from Google Webmaster Tools’ query report and you can tie that to Google Analytics (or use tools like Keyword Strategy to cull the data) and here people are acting like it’s the end of the SEO keyword research world. Did I dropped from the PANIC MEMO distribution list AGAIN?

  • Phillip Gross

    @ Michael Martinez – If you rely on Enterprise versions of Software i.e. Omniture, Web Trends etc… this is a big deal because you will no longer be able to compile keyword data via those tools. Webmaster Tools is limited to 1000 Queries per day. When you have millions of queries coming in a day 30k a month is not statistically relevant. If any website measures Branded vs Non-Branded Traffic. Those numbers will be skewed. additionally unless I missed something, you will manually have to collect this data every thirty days, so there is no easily going back to April to see what you did. It essence this introduces another manual process which largely seems to be a step backwards in terms of technology.

    Privacy-wise: Personally I dont care about small website getting my keyword query. I care about big giants like Google knowing all of my information. I am all for quality of results and personalisation is certainly the way to go. However in large this appears to force more companies to use Google’s Tools and Pay them even more $$$. It is another step toward their monopoly in the internet/search world. To

  • TimmyTime

    Missing here is some perspective: Larry Page cares about time, so he doesn’t want you to waste time looking at logs, or thinking about what to do your money (hello Panda!)

  • http://www.boom-online.co.uk IanLockwood

    Seriously, in what world is WMT keyword data a replacement for referrer data? I haven’t seen a WMT account yet where the keyword report bears any relation to the actual keyword referrers from Google searches in Analytics. Also, WMT data cannot be segmented, significantly reducing its usefulness. I don’t see Goals or E-commerce reporting in there either – the most important bit of data vs. keywords there is!

    Absolute crap Google. I completely agree with the comments regarding privacy (only the fools in government could be duped by this, anyone in the industry knows it’s anonymous anyway) and Google forcing us to buy keyword data (which if it’s from AdWords could have completely different characteristics from organic traffic anyway).

  • http://uk.linkedin.com/in/rashidmamun Mamun Rashid

    Just how Google made the connection between Privacy and “Keyword” referrer is a complete mystery to me.

  • http://www.eloquent-marketing.com Amber Cebull

    I use Hubspot’s keyword tool, and they switched their data to Bing – so… doesn’t affect me. People are going to start needing more robust analytics, so they’ll just accelerate the natural move over anyway.

  • http://www.kinderskipak.nl Arnout Hellemans

    Well, I here’s what I think the reasons might be (some of them far fetched):
    1. GA premium users and other analytics providers would be able to purchase the organic keyword data (might not even be real-time).
    2. Despite the Panda updates the SERP’s get less relevant, So by partly blinding the SEO’s and webmasters they might get some extra slack.
    3. The search query data removal makes sure that the content on the page can’t be changed, and no retargeting can be done.
    4. Google wants control over the search data they release….

    Privacy concerns; I don’t believe it…..Google does ‘evil’….

  • http://about.me/alexedlund Alex Edlund

    Well, I can only agree with what has already been said.

    Using GWT as an alternative, really isn’t.. an alternative. It’s highly inaccurate, 30 day limitation and slow to update.

    The Google PR machine better get to work on this one. It’s obvious that privacy concerns are just being used as an excuse to mislead people from their real intentions. There are far greater privacy issues at stake which are not being tackled. The hardest pill to swallow is how advertisers are given the upper hand while those with limited budgets will suffer.

  • http://www.irishwonder.com/blog/ IrishWonder

    I am surprised nobody is talking about this new “privacy” feature as Google’s way to trick more users into using Google accounts, among other things (my post on this: http://www.irishwonder.com/blog/2011/10/20/googles-move-to-hide-search-queries-and-seo-feedback/). Not to say they are not trying to push site owners from SEO to PPC but there may definitely be more than one reason for G to do this (creating themselves a good image, better monetizing heir data, improving user control).