• http://www.michael-martinez.com/ Michael Martinez

    Google needs to stop hoping it can gouge ISP customers by tricking them into subsidizing its for-profit services through higher access fees.

    As an ISP customer I have absolutely no desire to pay for the bandwidth that companies like Google and Microsoft want to develop future applications. Let them bear the brunt of the costs up front and charge only those who would use the services when they are available.

    These companies have billions of dollars of cash in the bank and they are looking for a free ride through the lie of “Net Neutrality”.

    Let’s hope Google caves on this topic because consumers will only win when Net Neutrality dies.

  • http://www.google.com/profiles/vkelman vkelman

    I have a feeling NY Times performing an act of personal vendetta against Google. Why? I don’t know yet. You should remember that crazy NY Times article which calls on government to regulate Google Search http://goo.gl/N5zr. There were excellent reactions on it in Business Insider http://goo.gl/lYfU and on your site http://goo.gl/0ilC. So, it’s not a first time NYT tries to harm Google. It looks like they are trying to bite it as painful as possible, regardless of the fact their accusations will be proven as false later on. There sill will be some bad residue…