• Hannan Ahmad

    I highly disagree with tactics shared in this article. Although
    a few of these tips may look useful, but from the point of view of a
    professional SEO Expert
    , these are useless. How?

    The purpose of content creation is to get visitors from
    Google. However, recent standards of Google regarding the authenticity of
    content have been so high that not even the best quality articles show for
    their whole title-based keyword searches. Having around 4 years of experience
    in the field of SEO, I have found that the main credit goes to a site that
    breaks the story for the first time. Next, hundreds of sites repurpose the same
    content, but none of them valued. Not only this, there is a predetermined
    ideology behind Google algorithms that articles of the best reputed sites
    should appear at top and new or struggling players must not get an advantage
    regardless of how much effort and authenticity has been put into an articles.

    While there are a number of reasons behind content writing, efforts
    would go fruitless if one cannot find you even with exact content. This is where Google hurts the most.

    Regardless that how much creativity has been put into a
    piece of killer content of your site, when one seeks help for a technical
    issue, either niche-oriented forums would appear at top, or you will find
    articles published in journals. There is absolutely no place for articles that
    are published on blog of your site. In simple words, it means “Repurposing
    Content Is A Dead Idea for Small Businesses That Want To Market Through Themselves
    Through Content.”

    Personally, I suggest my clients to create something really
    interesting about themselves so that local and niche-oriented news sites can be
    motivated to promote them. These kinds of links have always played a great role
    in making businesses more visible for local keyword searches.

    Any effort regarding repurposing content would be a waste of
    time, effort and money – and it’s as true as today.

  • Shashank Naithani

    very nice article. I have faced this type of situation many times. and for content writers this is a good example on saving time and doing more….

  • Ann07

    I’m happy to know that I don’t need to do a lot of content just to put my website on the top rank.

    As what I’ve learned here, I just need to repurpose my contents. One way of recycling my content is to rewrite it. To make it better, I should change the keywords, rewrite sentences with the same thoughts and add more ideas.

    This article is really helpful. Thanks for sharing this informative content. :)


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  • atentat

    nice rant!

  • http://latesttrendinsocialmedia.blogspot.in Sandeep Rathore

    With latest Google guidelines, I do not believe that content spinning is going to give any benefit in ranking.

  • http://www.Date2Relate.Com/ Date2Relate

    We agree there’s no harm in repurposing content, assuming that you’re totally out of ideas. It’s a disservice to the reader to regurgitate old content. We prefer to keep our thinking caps on until the lightbulb illuminates over our collective heads to produce original content.

  • http://www.koozai.com/author/emma-north/ Emma North

    Some good points here, and many which absolutely do work. As you rightly point out, content/article spinning is a thing of the past and re-purposing content is a totally different technique which very much holds it’s merit.

    A good example is using data from a blog post in an infographic and then sharing that both as an infographic but also converted into a SlideShare presentation to capture a different audience. I’ve seen it work well and deliver genuinely relevant traffic to websites.

  • http://kingged.com/ Metz

    If we think about repacking, probably we think about better package, better looking and more enticing with a new design.

    Using your own used materials will lessen your expenses; you do not have to spend a lot. You can pull off your target if you have the accurate resources and knowledge in repurposing your content.

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