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    What a great idea, Eric. As always, such a refreshing approach to link building which the industry could with more of.
    May I suggest spreading your net further afield to the UK and Europe by nudging CILIP in the direction of your idea?

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    Yes great idea – however they turn away people the really don’t need to turn away. Its gone downhill because they don’t recruit very well. I applied twice for the Microsoft FrontPage section, and asked to start a Microsoft Expression Web section, you would think given that I’ve been a Microsoft MVP – first FrontPage and now Expression Web for five years that I’d be well qualified in the niche. I create methods whereby newbies can find information and have done so for ten years plus, in a mini way. Well their lost there are new methods coming about. Pat Geary a fellow mvp and I created a free toolbar with expression web links that we add to all the time. We twitter links also through our expressionweb twitter addy and we link on our sites to all the well known expression web sites/resources… When something goes wrong you should look where the buck stops, perhaps a change at the top will encourage new methods and practices regarding recruiting. Expression Web has been around since 2006 and they still don’t have a section for it. When people care passionately about their subject they want to see resources for it. Many things are going by the wayside .. ie geocities….times are not changing, they have changed, don’t be a dinosaur change with it.

    However yes it is a great idea .. you should look to freepint.com for further help and ideas on this.

    I only subbed because of this article – really hate having to register for blogs – found this on twitter btw.