• http://www.nonlinear.ca/blog Randy woods

    Great article. Our experience suggests that embedding on-page SEO tactics when deploying a web content management solution can make a significant difference in search engine driven traffic. We’ve analyzed the “new” traffic and found that most if it comes from the very long tail of search – search phrases sought only once or twice per quarter.

    We discuss this in the context of the AOL data release on our blog in some detail (and captured best practices in a whitepaper – http://www.nonlinear.ca/seo-cms

  • http://www.vitabase.com Greg Howlett

    Great article. We have 5,000 SKUs and yes, handcrafting pages one by one is impossible.

  • http://www.buzzillions.com BuzzillionsJim

    Great article Stephan…too bad search engine land doesn’t give your article’s URL the love it needs:


    although with SEL’s pagerank…who needs it! ;)