• Marco

    Schmidt shouldn’t comment at all–it just gives Bing more publicity. That, in turn, will most immediately hurt Yahoo. See Why would Google ding Bing? for more.

  • http://www.linespout.com radco

    The pure search results are so competitive, you can’t always distinguish between the three (B,G,Y). Try blindsearch.fejus.com for yourself.

    The search game, however, is moving on to different kinds of user experiences. For example, Line Spout (http://www.linespout.com) creates a live stream of real-time search results

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com nickstamoulis

    I don’t think Bing has a chance of competing with Google, Bing will most likely keep (or replace MSN/Live.com’s spot) as the distant 3rd search engine in the market.

    I do think that the Bing are are very good (who is their AD agency? LOL!) and the Ads from 1998 are classic…bottom line money can’t buy you Search!

  • donotdisturb

    Google innovation is only the Pagerank algorithm. This can be computed from information available for free. You can see that the results of bing,yahoo and google are now very similar. No big innovation in search since years by google, only little steps, even if the search results are not a satisfaction. They are spending lot of money in stupid separated projects, without any integration. With today hardware it is not so hard to copy google. size, freshness, speed is not a problem for microsoft.

  • Derrick Daye

    It’s easy to discount Bing especially when you make comparisons to Google. But is Google really that iron-clad? My colleague Mark Ritson believes there may be weakness:


  • WillC

    I think what Schmidt is trying to say is that anything can happen in the industry, since everything it’s really entirely up to the consumer. At the same time he knows that “one click away” actually means “a lot of clicks away from a lot of different people” which is a little unlikely and impossible to happen in a sudden movement all at once. True enough, Bing can’t buy search love with those ads, but they can buy awareness to the product and that will swing something no matter how marginal. So far, I think Bing has got the right idea about getting the word out and putting a decent enough product out that will give it legs until it can truly innovate. But at the end of the day, there are going to be various search engines with various means and various purposes. A lot of search engines are coming into their own in the midst of the attention which search is getting these days. eZanga is doing very well as a metasearch and is something to try when the same old thing grows tiresome.