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    it is ery difficult to be succesfull for them This is 3rd time name change. Who can believe in that bing is better!

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    My take on the early preview is that MS is trying to create a buzz. Knowing MS, they’re also trying to weed out the bugs on the server side, ala Win95.

    Also, I think they want to create the branding set. Nowadays, we hear people say ‘Just Google it’. Maybe by going this way, they could establish something like ‘Just Bing it’.

    Search results wise, I think it did not impress me as much. Maybe Steve Wozniak is an MSN Live user. Otherwise, it’s a ho-hum.

    I’m more interested on how Wave fit into this.

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    I notice bing.com redirects to http://www.bing.com. Would have thought they’d take advantage of a shortener url.