• http://www.contextsolutions.net JimContext

    What’s really a shame is that Yahoo! actually has a good search product that really could be competitive if they were able to reposition themselves in the marketplace. I’m also definitely in agreement with you that a lot of things Bartz says are cringe-worthy if you’re at all concerned with the future of Yahoo search.

  • Sagar Manikpure

    It’s a pity that Yahoo wants to drop out of the Search race. I hope they don’t. Although, I love Google I would also love to have some competition in this space. One area where Yahoo isn’t doing enough –

    Use your content to differentiate – Content and intelligence on the content (when created, by who, key concepts) is key to creating a good search result page. Yahoo creates huge high quality content all over the world that covers a range of topics. They know more about this content than anybody else..its time they leveraged it for their search results.

    Think – Yahoo answers. answers.yahoo.com probably is the second most occurring site on Google result pages (after wikipedia)…why can’t Yahoo use this rich content, understand more about it (good answer vs. bad answer, category information and so on.) to create a more relevant and a better presented result entry for Yahoo search queries that deserve them.

    Simply, expand them to other Yahoo entities – Local, Autos, Travel, Sports…Moreover, Yahoo also has regional versions in several countries that can make it “contextually relevant” (pardon the buzzword).

    I pray, they perceive this less as an opportunity to cross sell their products and more as a way to strengthen their result quality.

    Yahoo..please don’t give up…at least not just yet.

  • tomviolin

    It sure is disappointing to hear the CEO of such a high-profile company display no clear vision of the company’s focus, direction, and mission. That’s the CEO’s JOB, after all.

    I used to poo-poo stuff like “vision statements” as management bureaucracy. But, done right, it can do wonders. [Done wrong, like including the words “customer-focused” (why on earth a company WOULDN’T be focused on their customers is beyond me, but I digress…) it is a disaster.]

    Did anyone read the book “Microserfs”? It is a fictional novel, and it in part depicts life at Microsoft in the early 90’s. At that time, Microsoft was on the upswing, and Apple was stagnant, to say the least. The main characters were Microsoft employees who all admired Apple’s ideas and history, but realized that they were failing because they had “no Bill” [Gates], i.e., no charismatic CEO to lead them. Well, Apple eventually got back their charismatic frontman Steve Jobs, and look what happened.

    Yahoo needs Bartz like they need a hole in the head.

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com nickstamoulis

    This is typical Yahoo!, if they wanted to they could be very competitive in search, but I think Bartz might be trying to establish Yahoo! as a different type of web portal (not sure what type though)…anyway, she could be hammering search for a reason, maybe Yahoo! has bigger plans to leverage with is significant audience.

    For fun, I just added Yahoo! vs. Facebook vs. Google in Compete and found this:

    Interesting to see the amount of visitors (not search volume) Yahoo! has?