• Dan Sundgren

    Great point Danny and the first thing that came to mind when I heard about Satya. He spoke at a Bing Advisory Council event I attended a few years ago, smart dude and definitely understands the challenges in search and Bing.

  • les_madras

    BIng is a loss machine. Losing money on search which is perhaps the most lucrative business ever, is not a badge of honor…

  • Salman Merchant

    As a marketer, I would absolutely love to see a simplified and cleaned up interface for Bing Ads. When you make it difficult for the gatekeepers of your revenue to use your PPC interface, you push away revenue

  • les_madras

    Yes, but it is really difficult to lose money on search unless you suck completely.

  • Terry Whalen

    Hopefully this will bode well for the Bing Ads platform, which has definitely improved a lot over the last few years, but yet is still absurdly, laughably bad.

  • http://techiejustin.wordpress.com/ Justin Ishley

    Microsoft bet on him for Bing’s bright future. He should avoid too many changes instantly

  • Motupally Pavan

    Great Post on CEO’s related to search background. I wish Satya Nadella should make more popular of Microsoft product brands .

    Good Content to read on GYM search CEO’s .

  • Matt Van Wagner

    I agree with your assessment of Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Mayer’s challenges and have always thought that, bright though she may be, and search-knowledgeable, her executive experience at Google was not enough to prepare her take the reins of a multi-billion dollar company in troubled times.

    Yahoo’s rumored plan to bring search in house is more likely a feint and negotiating gambit than actual business plan. Whether it is desperation or hubris driving Yahoo’s strategic planning, this move seems destined to fail.


  • Us Desi

    Microsoft, yahoo, and google are search companies? Are you living in the stone age? A sensational topic and meaningless content, waste of time.

  • nomad411

    More faster even!