• Dan Sundgren

    Great point Danny and the first thing that came to mind when I heard about Satya. He spoke at a Bing Advisory Council event I attended a few years ago, smart dude and definitely understands the challenges in search and Bing.

  • les_madras

    BIng is a loss machine. Losing money on search which is perhaps the most lucrative business ever, is not a badge of honor…

  • Salman Merchant

    As a marketer, I would absolutely love to see a simplified and cleaned up interface for Bing Ads. When you make it difficult for the gatekeepers of your revenue to use your PPC interface, you push away revenue

  • les_madras

    Yes, but it is really difficult to lose money on search unless you suck completely.

  • Terry Whalen

    Hopefully this will bode well for the Bing Ads platform, which has definitely improved a lot over the last few years, but yet is still absurdly, laughably bad.

  • http://techiejustin.wordpress.com/ Justin Ishley

    Microsoft bet on him for Bing’s bright future. He should avoid too many changes instantly

  • Motupally Pavan

    Great Post on CEO’s related to search background. I wish Satya Nadella should make more popular of Microsoft product brands .

    Good Content to read on GYM search CEO’s .

  • Matt Van Wagner

    I agree with your assessment of Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Mayer’s challenges and have always thought that, bright though she may be, and search-knowledgeable, her executive experience at Google was not enough to prepare her take the reins of a multi-billion dollar company in troubled times.

    Yahoo’s rumored plan to bring search in house is more likely a feint and negotiating gambit than actual business plan. Whether it is desperation or hubris driving Yahoo’s strategic planning, this move seems destined to fail.


  • Us Desi

    Microsoft, yahoo, and google are search companies? Are you living in the stone age? A sensational topic and meaningless content, waste of time.

  • nomad411

    More faster even!

  • http://karmaeconomics.blogspot.com/ lavista4u

    Sergey & Larry are hardcore engineers & scientist with PH’ds, Sergey father is a PHd in Mathematics, they grew up in a PH’d computer science family..read their bio…No other CEO or Founders have so much going on….

    They are way way ahead of rest of the CEOs….Their computer skills are unmatchable…MBAs cant get you ahead, they are good managers..Its the engineering that takes a company ahead…

    Google was fast when Dial Up was around…They used GZIP compression in search which no one could even think of 15 years back….

    Good luck bing and the rest….trying to beat Google…you will need it

  • les_madras

    Damn right, the Bing ad platform sucks. Microsoft will do well by selling Bing off to Yahoo for $1. Yahoo has an ad salesforce, and more search traffic than Bing.