• http://twitter.com/macfixer_1 Brian Rothschild

    Pure fluff! You get paid for this?

  • Matt Peterson

    @Brian, Click through Barry’s bio, his writing & news coverage are industry defining. When you’re at that level, you get to do “Friday Just for Fun” type posts every once in awhile.

  • Dean Duncan Jones

    Indeed.  Well said, @google-cf877324498fb6355e4010b0fe751b34:disqus 

    @Brian, your message and your website indicate that you’re new.  So I (and “we”…the people that know better), won’t rip into you too bad.

    But I second that Barry is very well respected and knowledgeable in our industry.  If he wants to do a fun post, or post a picture of his kitten, or w/e once in awhile…we’re OK with it. ;)

    I encourage you to read some of his other posts or check back next week for a good education.

  • pallavi tiwari

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