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    Hey, Danny, let me know if you need somebody to do video for you. Be glad to help.

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    For all the hype that Yahoo’s getting there’s a much better AutoComplete service called PredictAd. PredictAd can be seamlessly integrated into any website and publishers have the ability to add tabbing features that let you browse keyword-based RSS feeds and advertisements inside the AutoComplete box.

    Why should these advanced tools only be for the big guys? Check out http://www.predictad.com

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    Hi Danny,

    I’m a Japanese SEO named Kenichi Suzuki.
    Do you remember me?
    A guy who asked you about sphinn.

    Luckly, I saw the new feature of Yahoo! today.

    I found it suggested keywords laterally as well as vertically;
    see the right side of the screen shot and you could see terms related to apple such as mac os, ipod and steve jobs.

    I wonder when we, Japanese searchers could use Yahoo! Search Assist. ;-)