• http://profile.yahoo.com/PSLF5LKXZUGWFIPX2DSXYPOGEU truthsayer12

      I’m neither a Google muppet-groupie nor a Microsoft fan;  however, it
    is VERY OBVIOUS and APPARENT for all to clearly see that… —–
     while (socially obtuse) GOOGLE Corporation arrogantly, clumsily and
    sloppily tried to COERCIVELY force “SEARCH PLUS YOUR WORLD”
    down our throats and also POLLUTE their main search results, making
    those search results LESS RELEVANT & LESS USEFUL (by the way, Google
    is sneering at YOU peons/serfs: “SPYW” = SPY-ware, SPY-world),   —
     instead Microsoft has (surprisingly & admirably) shown a
    thoughtful, insightful approach to designing & displaying their
    supplemental “SOCIAL search results” (which emanate from a more
    comprehensive range of sources than Google); Bing’s supplemental
    “SOCIAL search results” info. is displayed via well-organized & neatly
    convenient SIDEBAR channels that are optional & readily (easily)
    accessible via cute user-friendly icons (win-win !) —– Microsoft
    (Dr. Qi Lu, Bing president/lead scientist) is actually demonstrating
    social awareness & Respect for consumers & product users !


    Correspondent Greg Sterling is a Google public relations mascot/ huggie-bear kissing up to Google Corp.

  • http://www.manki.in Guest

    Haven’t you seen the button at the top-right that says “no personal results”?  Clicking on it is the way to take SPYW off your throat.

  • Mike Dobbs

    “Microsoft  is actually demonstrating social awareness & respect for consumers & product users!” – That’s funny right there, I don’t care who ya, are, that’s funny right there – Larry The Cable Guy. 

  • http://www.tylerherrick.com Tyler Herrick

    Are you serious? Not sure if troll, or actually not understanding how personalized search works… So in refutation: 
    Do you believe personalized search in theory is bad, or Google’s implementation of it?
    If Google wanted to force SPYW on us, they wouldn’t have created a separate system to surface non-personalized results, should the user want them (with ONE click).
    Please explain how Google SERP’s are less relevant now? If I have taken the time to find someone on Google+ and have added them to my circles, why would I NOT want to see what they have posted that may be relevant in my search results?
    It’s flat out wrong to infer that Google did not take the time to think out SPYW.
    I will admit that Bing does indeed have more social sources, but that is more of a by-product of their relationship with Facebook rather than Google’s ineptitude of being able to add other sources.
    Perhaps you like Bing’s design aesthetic more than Google’s?
    Cute icons? Really?

  • http://davidawilson.co.uk/ David Wilson

     The problem I have with this is that it is an ‘opt out’ service meaning that you need to opt out of personalized results. Many less tech savvy users will not think to do this, and may won’t even know that these results are personalized.