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    Guilty! I have long neglected to do the easy stuff, and I’m glad you reminded me. I’ve done promotional items and T-shirts in the past and it’s shown to be well worth the investment.

  • http://www.jameshubbardmarketing.co.uk JHMarketing

    A lot of common sense advice here. I particularly agree with the investment in good copywriters. Syndicating poorly written content is not good SEO!

  • http://www.kurtjohansen.com Kurt Johansen

    Hi Debra, It is important to have backlinks to your site. Especially quality backlinks which are NOT from link farms. It helps with rankings on search engines that is for sure. What is also necessary is people to continually update their websites. Static information will not help with search engine rankings either. The use of video and audio is certainly most important for those wishing to achieve higher rankings.
    Cheers Kurt – Email Mastery

  • http://www.alliance-link.com Debra Mastaler

    @chiropractic – Think about yoga tees Michael, natural tie-in with your service :)

    @JHMarketing – Good copywriters rock!

    @KurtJohansen – Agree with all you said except the static content stuff. Sites rank because of their inbound links for the most part. Not changing your content is not that big a deal. Thanks for reading Link Week!

  • http://www.VerticalMeasures.com Arnie K

    Love it. We keep preaching the 2nd one but fail to do it ourselves. Cobblers children I guess.

  • Will.Spencer

    #1 has become a serious problem as people who don’t test are quoting other people who don’t test.

    Many “famous SEO’s” aren’t doing any real SEO testing themselves, they are just selling “link building services” to uninformed customers. That’s not an SEO, that’s a salesperson.

    Proper testing can be quite difficult, but that rewards can be huge. :)