• jzarov

    Anyone ask how legitimately licensed article sites (BNet, AllBusiness, HighBeam, Answers.com, etc…) may fare in Panda changes? That is, there are a ton of sites that license and SEO the Columbia Encyclopedia or Business Wire (press releases) or even JOPERD (the Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance)…. How can Google differentiate between those sites that legitimately pay for the rights to such content and those who “scrape and re-publish content”?

  • http://www.blissseo.com.au Bliss

    DS: Ranking reports – your thoughts?

    MC: We don’t like them for several reasons including scraping our search results. But also because it’s the wrong thing to focus on.

    Trying telling our clients that it isn’t just rankings…

    Maybe if that data was made more accurately available than what it is in WMT we would all stop scraping the results to compile reports…