• http://www.moesker.ca Fred Moesker

    Niche voting site BallHype (sports) was closed the other day as well…

  • http://www.tcampbell.net T Campbell

    The reasons for this decline would be interesting to explore. Is Facebook’s “Like” feature the competition that’s truly killing these sites, with Digg’s ill-received redesign only a symptom?

  • http://ballhyped.com BallHyped Sports Blog Rankings

    Hey, hey, hey. Let’s not get too down on these social voting sites. Someone’s gotta determine what stories we should be reading, especially with newsrooms slashing editors left and right across the country. And who better than the niche communities that know these topics better than anyone. Yeah, there’s always twitter, but twitter is way too noisy for the more part, and for those who just want to get their top stories and blogs of the day and move on.
    And have no fear BallHype fans, http://www.BallHyped.com is here … to stay … without the heavy hand of corporate to worry about. Now in beta. Check it out.

  • http://www.adamsherk.com Adam Sherk

    Before reading this I’d actually forgotten that Propeller was still going.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/W5LNOYZXEAABESLHZJ5C746AJE nitin

    A new voting game in town: http://www.tweeVt.com , its interesting , however its just for twitter at this point.