• http://www.hostelmanagement.com/josh Josh

    Framejacking the content is a huge mistake that began with the creation of su.pr. They should call the browser toolbar an “app”, and people will download it.

    Some of the problems with framejacking are:
    * it invasively takes control of the address bar away from the user without permission
    * framejacking is outdated, and many people hate clicking on those su.pr links
    * many sites remove the frame with JavaScript, making the “toolbar” useless (unless they are using the iframe to prevent that — which is even more infuriating to webmasters)
    * it attempts to “own” other people’s content. Framejacking *should* be illegal under copyright law, because it displays content on an external domain.

    Removing the frame with cookies isn’t a good solution, because many people delete cookies when the browser closes.

    Framejacking went out of style years ago, and I think that it will be the end of SU. I used to love SU when it was just a toolbar. IMHO, they should get rid of the frames, and call the browser plugin an “app”. I would use it all the time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Metafuente Gustavo Aponte

    I am moving all my StumbleUpon content to Pinterest and deleting my account once I’m done. Whoever is in charge destroyed the site to the core. I can’t conceive how StumbleUpon became a closed-gate community (like AOL used to be back in the ’90s). This is ridiculous and embarrassing :(

  • Mike Bartelt

    StumbleUpon has never really relied on site user feedback.  They’ve ignored their user base time and time again ignoring thousands of posts on their own forums which they shut down.

    SU has done so much wrong to their community I won’t even bother going into the issues, but look into it.  SU has chased away most of the users who were responsible for the spam filtering and unique content discovery and creation. 

    It’s ok, nothing they say matter and their staff have lied on numerous occasions saying that they’re seriously taking the concerns of their user base even when that ‘concern’ contradicts that of their CEO statements on SU’s roadmap.