• Namita Patel

    @searchengineland Good article. Any resources for proportion of users by industry type for FB/Twitter/etc?

  • http://humanwebsite.com.my Kent

    For Malaysian companies, Facebook is definitely the first choice when comes to advertise on social media marketing. Because most of Malaysians spend time on socializing rather than doing business online.

    I am quite surprised that this happen in US while most of the survey done in US told that Linkedin is the most valuable social networking site.

  • http://keithbrown.com Keith Brown

    Facebook is simple in every facet of marketing for SMB’s. You don’t have to know Google SEO to get found, a child can set up a fan page. Facebook ads may not bring the ROI of other platforms, but the average SMB just wants something that is easy to use, and easy to pause when money gets tight. Win for FB

  • http://www.innfinitehospitality.co.uk I.F.

    Popular perhaps – successful/profitable???

    UK readers, remember this is a survey of US businesses