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    Thanks for the reminders on how to pull in storied and emotions to help create connection with our audience. Mel Mel@Whi-Fi.com

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    I recently challenged subscribers of my weekly newsletter to write a story about someone who inspired them. Since I actively challenged, I also actively participated, and wrote my story focusing on an experience in my life. A brief 4-week snapshot where my coach helped to inspire positive development of my character. This was my opening sentence, “My father passed away of a heart attack when I was 13.”

    I’ve been sending my newsletter for nearly 9 months. Hands down, this piece has been read the most over that time frame. It’s also the most personal contribution I have offered.

    To connect with people, to inspire people through your stories, you must BE you and SHARE you through your character/s. Great post Erin – Thank you.

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  • Dino Maiolo

    I wrote a Squidoo Lens that began with, “Racing through the dark, unfamiliar streets, we sank deeper and deeper into the village.” I was relating a travel experience I had at a Balinese Purification Ceremony to help consumers understand what they can experience through one of our custom Bali tours. We got a lot of traffic from that story and it still brings us customers. Of course, selling a cultural tour in Bali is a lot sexier than say, HVAC services or bail bonds, but I believe if one puts their mind to it, they can write a story about anything. It just takes a little creativity. Nice post!