• http://www.inbound-marketing-automation.ca EricGoldman

    Great post with some impressive arguments and reasons for focusing on the long tail. Here’s a similar post which delves into the long-tail by forecasting how it’s killing the concept of mass-marketing. Readers may find the comparison useful:

  • http://incrediblehelp incrediblehelp

    Eric do you believe the only true way to optimize for the long tail is through user-generated content?

  • Mark Nunney

    UGC can do the job. Especially if it fills up a carefully planned site structure, eg, see tripadvisor.

    But long articles placed within a carefully planned structure can do wonders too (and be more targeted). Here’s an example of one article targeting over 10,000 keywords (it’s not extraordinary): http://www.wordtracker.com/academy/how-to-optimize-a-page-for-search-engines

    ‘Target the head and exploit the tail’ is a useful mantra.

    But in practice you get results from more than the tail of a single keyword.

    You get results from thousands of other related keywords. So perhaps…

    ‘Target the head and exploit the (related) tail’ is better.

    Some keywords in that related tail will respond well and be the seeds for new keywords (and their related tails) to exploit, perhaps with another article (or more).