• http://www.facebook.com/bigalittlea Aaron Levy

    I’d actually respectfully disagree with the Margin of Error point. In PPC you can fail fast. Drop a few keywords in, see what happens. Those don’t work, quickly tweak and try again, get more data and learn more.

    In SEO it takes months (years) to build up rankings for competitive keywords. What happens if you find out after two years of work, you’ve been targeting a keyword that doesn’t convert?
    Just my 2 cents!

  • http://twitter.com/JOBSinPPCandSEO jobs_in_digital

    good piece!! very informative

  • http://twitter.com/jennyhalasz Jenny Halasz

    Hi Aaron, good point. So I was thinking in terms of dollars and cents, but it’s true that in terms of time investment, it’s actually the opposite. One of the many reasons it’s so much more helpful to do both PPC and SEO rather than one or the other.

  • http://twitter.com/tedives Ted Ives

    People should think of their Title and Meta-Description as being like an Adwords Creative – you can use them to screen out people that aren’t really interested in what you have…

    This is a great approach for two-word phrases that have high volume but for which only a small percentage of those users care about your little slice of three-word phrases that flow from the two-word phrase.

    You can sort of afford to be lazy in the short run because those uninterested users aren’t costing you anything, so if you accidentally attract them, it’s not that bad – *but* in the long run it will hurt your enagement metrics (bounce rate etc) and likely affect your rankings.

    Also – what do you mean – African or European?

  • Gayatri Das

    very helpful article, especially about adjusting the depth of the keyword to the depth of the site, which is bang on!

  • Christopher Regan

    “Oh, but you can’t expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you…”. Thank you, Jenny, your post adds perspective where some may need some re-footing and a re-sharpened sword.

  • enidus

    SEO and PPC should go hand in hand. The purpose is relly clear you can target high competition keywords in ppc and high conversion keywprds in ppc and in seo you can start with the phrases and then later once you build a reputation, one can go in for two phrases and single word keywords.

  • http://twitter.com/LeadsDubai LeadsDubai

    I always thought adwods keyword research can give insights on seo keywords to rank for. but if keyword competition is high does it mean that others have already optimized and theres no room left for you for that keyword? i can go for long tail niches but how many are there? how to find them.. any clue?.. good Article this jenny

  • John Howard

    I believe what you’re saying is the margin of error is greater on SEO primarily because the cost per error is lower vs. PPC. Plus you can always adjust your SEO content ongoing with the benefit of the same or very similar content.

    BTW…What is your favorite color?

  • http://twitter.com/LongviewSources Longview Sources

    I completely agree with Aaron but I can see Jenny’s point as well. In both SEO and PPC, SEM Marketers need to invest a heavy amount of time. But with SEO, it may take months and years to reach the ranking you are shooting for whereas PPC, it can be optimized in a much shorter period.

    So with PPC, you can fail fast then quickly proceed to tweak your keywords, bid price, etc. However, in ultra-competitive industries like insurance where the cost per click can be up to $50-$60, the margin of error can be pretty darn small.

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  • http://twitter.com/ebusinesssubmit Sheldon Lobo

    That is true when you invest money for short time period on PPC you have no choices for any mistake, While in SEO we can improve keywords day after.

  • Rachel Jensen

    Great discussion! I’m going to agree with Aaron on this point, and in fact I’ll use PPC campaigns often as a jumping-off point to test what works for my overall SEO strategy. I can quickly determine what kind of keywords I want to hone in on and what kind of copy provides a better CTR.

    As Aaron said, I can “fail quickly” with PPC and then put in the laborious hours of building links for my honed SEO keywords.

    Great overall article though Jenny – I often explain the difference between SEO and PPC keywords and how ultimately they make work hand-in-hand but may try to achieve different goals.

  • http://twitter.com/jennyhalasz Jenny Halasz

    I believe Google when they say that Adwords and Search Quality (SEO) teams have no connection to one another. I do not believe that spending money on Adwords will impact your SEO ranking at all.