• http://patientpower.info Pat Elliott

    Thanks for your comments. I was a healthcare marketer before becoming a cancer patient and e-patient advocate. My perspective on patient communications has changed significantly. Thanks to the Internet, patients today can access clinical data that was out of reach before. Our knowledge and understanding of our medical condition, treatment options and treatment alternatives are often stronger and deeper than the healthcare marketers and “advocacy” organizations who develop programs to reach us, and we can spot the phony, surface level and/or condescending approaches immediately. We call this stuff out and share it with other patients.If we can’t find what we need , we can generate it ourselves. In some conditions e-patients became active mentors long before “social media” even had a name. There are strong, credible, reliable resources in the patient community yet most of the conferences about communicating with patients never include a patient presenter, It’s past time to give us a seat at the table.