• http://www.rklau.com/tins/ Rick Klau

    Barry – Thanks for the great feedback. I wanted to provide a clarification, however: the pie charts are percentages of the total views and clicks, not percentage of users who view or click.

    In other words, the pie chart that shows Google at 59%, Bloglines at 33%… that’s each application as a percentage of total item views we saw. In other words, 59% of all item views were rendered by Google Reader users; 33% were viewed by Bloglines users.

    For clicks, that means My Yahoo! users generated 54% of all clicks we saw, Google users generated 21%, etc.

    Hope that’s helpful – just wanted to make sure we were clear on what the data does/doesn’t say.

  • http://www.seroundtable.com rustybrick

    Yea, thank you Rick!