• http://twitter.com/jhuman James Hu

    nice post. I think the reflective process is probably an indication of interruption between impulse buy signal and the emotional signal that reflects their particular brand choices. You experience it all the time at Costco.  Now, just take that experience online.

  • GambleIrma29

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  • http://www.easterneye.eu/ Eastern Eye

    i liked the post, very nice, most important thing in this article is that keyword phrase must somehow describe the document and/or that document’s content.

  • http://twitter.com/jhuinink Jim Huinink

    Your inital reaction to your colleague is reasonable but I think you’re ignoring the fact that SEO and design are almost always seen as separate entities. For example, I’ve worked inside a company for the last four years and have hammered away trying to make a culture change to the point where only in the last year and a half do they not ‘design first, SEO later.’ I work for another company that is primarily a design company and thepreconceptions of everyone completely segregate SEO considerations. I.e. let’s make a cool Flash site then see what  the SEO guy says. Google says focus on user experience but we all know that that does not work. In fact, I would say that thanks to Google, SEO rules the web and user experience is an industry fighting for its life.
    So your colleague is right in looking for something like, say, “Integration of SEO and User Experience.” It isn’t there because it doesn’t exist. I have never been part of a design meeting where the site owner or company president says, “Okay, SEO team and design team, get together and build me a website that is a state-of-the-art user experience and gets optimal traffic from Google.” SEO has won the day and truly compelling user experiences get little or no traffic other than direct traffic. Truly emotional design will almost never make it to position one in Google. That’s usually reserved for wikipedia or the site with killer SEO.