• http://blackbirdesolutions.com/ Bryan Coe

    Another way to look at this data: Maybe some of the countries are not so concerned about internet privacy because it is better dealt with in their country. Maybe there are less cases where companies have been compromised because of the regulations put in place by their governments. This in turn would make it less of a concern for the general public, whereas if it was seemingly common that people were exposed than they would surely be more concerned about privacy.

  • http://www.search-usability.com/ Shari Thurow

    Hi Andy-

    GREAT article! Trust, credibility, and dependability is incredibly important to communicate in a website, as a generalization.

    But with different countries, we find that we must do extra things (in text, colors, information architecture, and graphic images) to reinforce trustworthiness. For example, we find that in some European countries, the “About Us” placement is far more prominent than in the US due to privacy concerns. We also must consider additional links to the Privacy Policy, other than the footer-area only.

    That latter point? Puts another (proverbial) nail-in-the-coffin for that PageRank-sculpting nonsense. Users/searchers have privacy concerns. Why would you not link to your Privacy Policy and other important credibility pages?

    I was surprised to see France in the middle of that list.