• Pat Grady

    I always wonder about obnoxious / spewer bias. How does someone who is an expert, but not a spewer, get properly recognized. Unethical folks who are great at spewing and positioning, rise to the top, like a weird rotten floatacious cream. I do know that the Internet didn’t create this issue, posers have always focused their efforts on popularity manipulation, but the problem has worsened with today’s approach to “grading” folks, and the likelihood that the masses will “fall” for it. Today, if you want to be an authority, focus on saying many things in many places, no need to actually have depth of knowledge or even biz ethics. As such, I don’t quite fit into the online world, personality wise, then again, high school felt the same way to me. Social tactics include hootsuite and tweetdeck and similar spewing amps, which I think are disgusting in their very nature (not the people, the purpose). I wonder when grocery stores will stop pumping muzak, and allow each aisle to be on different speakers, with spewers on the other end, telling me what they ate for breakfast. We’ve created a system where spewers win, which begs for more spewing. Parting thought, let’s base it on charitable donations, so at least there’s some good from the spewage.