• http://www.podanza.com/ Chris G

    For the all podcasters, after you’ve submitted your podcast feed to iTunes, consider sumbitting it to podanza: http://www.podanza.com/submit/

  • http://www.goldendoodle-service.com beanfair

    OK I am sure this a newbie question but I am curious. How do you create a sticky post for a category in WordPress. Any advice is appreciated. It seems like a great idea.

  • http://www.blogproautomotive.com Ryan Gerardi

    Thank you for the excellent tips!

    Curious why the title “Twelve SEO Mistakes Most Bloggers Make” versus something like “Blogger SEO Mistakes”.

  • RanOh

    Just a quick note on points 2 and 3 – robots.txt can be used to exclude directories rather than pages from the crawl. For individual pages use the meta robots tag, and for canonical issues with Google use the preferred domain in Google Webmaster Tools.

    Otherwise, all good stuff :)

  • chrisjb

    On point 11 — have you tried Feedburners Feedsmith plugin for WordPress? It has some good promotional tools, though I don’t think you can host it on your own domain. However I have decided to use it anyway as it has some great tools and functionality — what are the benefits of hosting your own feed as opposed to not?

    The sticky is a great idea and has great additional usability in many cases. Try searching ‘Sticky post plugin for WordPress’ Beanfair.

    Also on point 3, there is a simple way of doing ths by editing your .htaccess file — See here: http://www.jimwestergren.com/wordpress-users-sharpen-your-urls-with-google/

    On archives. That has got me thinking. Google prioritize their archives in placement, but not in real estate on their blogs, with a drop down placed in the top right of the sidebar. Seems like a good method to me.

  • chrisjb

    Turns out you can use your own domain with feedburner — its called MyBrand.

  • http://searchengineland.com Danny Sullivan

    Indeed, and Stay Master Of Your Feed Domain from us here explain how MyBrand, now free, works.