• http://itsabouthockey.com/ Frank

    I’ve been using WebMeUp for almost a year and it great!, Great pricing for someone jsut getting started and they provide TONES of info.

  • Andreas Madison

    Barry, thanks for finding and sharing new tools!

    Just tested both tools for 4 of my sites. Must say that Webmeup is definitely better than LinkProfiler so far. It gives me x100 times more backlinks including all the links LinkProfiler can find. So far LinkProfiler can no way be compared to Majestic and the others since their index is very small and as far as I understand they just scrape G or other backlink sources to get just some fraction of backlinks (just make a check yourself and you’ll see that most of those backlinks isn’t fresh or whatever, but just a random fraction of links to a site.)

    However Webmeup looks like a really strong competition to the “big” tools. It definitely beats OSE many times (the weakest tool compared to Majestic and ahrefs), and even beats ahrefs for half of my sites coming very close for the other half. The most important thing is that backlinks coming from ahrefs and Webmeup are really different, so I’ll be using both Webmeup and a free version ahrefs. But taking into account that Webmeup offers much more backlinks for free, it looks really cool.

  • Viktar Khamianok

    Hi Barry, thanks for sharing our WebMeUp Backlink Tool with everyone on SearchEngineLand!

  • Dariusz Romanowski

    8 tools:) but what with http://explorer.cognitiveseo.com? I love their visualizations:) Ofc excel is still the best tool:) Thanks Barry for OLP – i didnt knew that tool:)

  • Johannes Selbach

    I also invite everyone to test OpenLinkProfiler for yourself. You’ll see that all of the links have been found within the last 4 weeks. As mentioned on the website, the database hasn’t reached the full size yet as we are in beta.

  • Andreas Madison

    Johannes, thanks for the feedback. I do believe you found this
    backlinks within 4 weeks. The trick with fresh links is that you need to
    find new backlinks that where created within the last 4 weeks, not just found by your crawler. So far
    you seem to find all backlinks, even those that where created many years ago. I
    assume you are just scraping Twitter or some other social network and
    show us backlinks you found there. The problem is that people share old links as well, thus your tool shows all kind of links, not just fresh ones.

    Am I right? Will you tell us more of your algo? How do you find FRESH links?

  • Andre Voget

    I’m the technical director of OpenLinkProfiler.

    We crawl the whole web with hundreds of our own servers (like Google). You can look at your webserver logs for our bot called “spbot”: http://openlinkprofiler.org/bot

    At the moment, we have indexed more than 56,000,000,000+ links (yes, 56 billion links). That number will even improve in the next weeks.

    All those links have been found within the last 30 days. That’s what we mean by “fresh links”. Those are the links that are still active – whether they have been placed today, yesterday or three years ago.

    The main difference to WebMeUp is that OpenLinkProfiler provides free link analysis for everyone. You can even download up to 100,000 backlinks for any site. We provide comprehensive link filters, as well as industry and link context recognition for every link.

  • Andreas Madison

    Hello Andres, thanks for your explanation. And nice to hear you crawl the whole web, not just some part of it. However, just as I assumed, your “fresh” links are not real fresh links like most people would assume. I hope you agree that if I find a stale 3-months-old steak today, I would never consider it fresh. So why should I do this for links? Feel sorry for such a misleading marketing (

    As for Webmeup, as far as I can see they’re offering 1,000,000 (1 Million) links for free for any site. And that’s like x10 times more than you do. I don’t want to say they’ve got the best tool out there (ahrefs is also very good), I just want to understand why would we want to use your tool. You’re offering much less links than ahrefs and Webmeup do (they both state they have more than 700 billion links indexed, i.e. x12 times more than you have), you’re offering x10 times less links for free than Webmeup, etc

    Andre, I’m really glad you decided to create onemore tool, but is’s far from being impressive so far, So please keep on developing the tool, hope one day it’ll become the best one. But not yet, sorry.

  • http://www.clippingpathindia.com/clipping-path.html Bijutoha

    Your notes make me happy to use OLP. Your deep feeling about OLP is really outstanding for me.

  • Harsh Wardhan Singh

    Both seems useless to me. Because I have tried both tools for several sites I manage and where one shows just 1 backlink, the other shows no backlinks towards the site which is simply wrong. More than 20 high quality backlinks are there to the site and the domain is 3-4 months old. In GWT it shows all the backlinks correctly and even in Alexa. Following the comments below its seems that the issue is with me only :(

  • http://developex.com/ Software Developer

    Do NOT use webmeup.

    They start grabbing hundreds of malformed urls from my site and basically put it down. Looks like DDOS.

    deny from 216.176.184.*

    is simple solution to deal with webmeup.