• http://itsabouthockey.com/ Frank

    I’ve been using WebMeUp for almost a year and it great!, Great pricing for someone jsut getting started and they provide TONES of info.

  • Andreas Madison

    Barry, thanks for finding and sharing new tools!

    Just tested both tools for 4 of my sites. Must say that Webmeup is definitely better than LinkProfiler so far. It gives me x100 times more backlinks including all the links LinkProfiler can find. So far LinkProfiler can no way be compared to Majestic and the others since their index is very small and as far as I understand they just scrape G or other backlink sources to get just some fraction of backlinks (just make a check yourself and you’ll see that most of those backlinks isn’t fresh or whatever, but just a random fraction of links to a site.)

    However Webmeup looks like a really strong competition to the “big” tools. It definitely beats OSE many times (the weakest tool compared to Majestic and ahrefs), and even beats ahrefs for half of my sites coming very close for the other half. The most important thing is that backlinks coming from ahrefs and Webmeup are really different, so I’ll be using both Webmeup and a free version ahrefs. But taking into account that Webmeup offers much more backlinks for free, it looks really cool.

  • Viktar Khamianok

    Hi Barry, thanks for sharing our WebMeUp Backlink Tool with everyone on SearchEngineLand!