• http://twitter.com/Winooski Winooski

    Hey Benny, thanks for the stats, but I think they’re tough to try to generalize about. I would want more info before even attempting to interpret them. Here’s some of what I would want to know:

     – Period of time
     – Type of site (i.e., we know it’s ecommerce, but is it a reseller, a direct marketer, a service provider, etc.?)
     – Size of site
     – Number of products or services being sold
     – Amount of traffic (on average)
     – Customer demographics (Biased to any gender? Any age group? Any region?)

  • http://twitter.com/bennyblum Benny Blum

    @winooski – I understand your desire to know more before jumping to conclusions. Here’s what I can share:-3 mo of data, minimal seasonality
    -Direct marketer
    – >> 500,000 visits / mo
    -One main product category, many sub-categories / variations
    -50/50 gender, skews towards metro areas

  • kedar singh

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  • http://twitter.com/Winooski Winooski

    Thanks Benny! That helps a bit in establishing the degree to which the desktop vs. mobile vs. tablet is meaningful.

    That Time On Site value for tablet’s a real head scratcher. I’d like to say that the device itself is making the site more sticky…but the fact that it’s an order of magnitude of difference seems extreme. This seems like a job for something like ClickTale to help get a bead on what these folks are actually doing and where their fingers are going. It might be an opportunity to make the site more tablet-friendly, if not more tablet-converting.