• Eyepaq

    my dog got runed over. I guess is Google’s fault as the driver might be upset and so he didn’t pay attention. he was upset that his wife is no longer happy since the brother of the neighbor that is into selling online fake viagra got his earnings down based on last EMD update … :D

  • Andrius

    Your comment is funny, but there are truth in verisign words. Domainers are happy cause they know there will be lot’s of EMD domains dropping soon

  • Alan

    There had to be a saturation point didn’t there? I bet we have hit it. Although Google intentionally or unintentionally had a hand in this. I still maintain Google is sick of seeing the cost of running Google bot go up. The less sites the less it costs them.

  • http://phill.co/ Phill

    I used to buy lots of domains. I did this purely cause I knew an exact match domain would make getting into the top 3 spots much easier. Google knew this too.

    I personally welcome the EMD update. It’s going cut out A LOT of crap. It’s no longer about who gets the best domain first. I certainly won’t be renewing a large portion of my domains.

    On the flip side, this could be a huge temporay scare tactic.

  • http://twitter.com/MaryKayLofurno Mary Kay Lofurno

    Sounds like Verisign did not have a strategy in place to combat these changes. Many companies have survived through penalties [JC Penny and other] and algo changes. They knew they were coming. I think this is more a statement about Verisign management.

  • Colin Guidi

    seems like all of Verisign’s “reasons” of being upset with the drop in registrations, are only due to Google trying to improve the quality of results by pushing EMDs further down if their content is rather poor.

    Verisign, dry your tears.

  • http://twitter.com/Indiainternet IndiaInternet

    Great… Its may be up down due to Google algorithm updates like EMD etc…

  • http://www.v2interactive.net/ Josh

    Right, because the increased limitations of quality TLD’s mixed with a crap economy is not to blame… Verisign has been in trouble for years, this is just a scapegoat.