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    As a web developer I am often interested in the reactions of the users to the site’s I build. What I found to be most interesting in this article, is the technology findings from 50 and up users.

    I would have assumed that this demographic would have the oldest technology using the slowest connections. But your point that this is the demographic that has the most time to browse the internet is a powerful observation. And would make sense that they would have the most up to date technology to make their browsing easy.

    I know what to find as many 50 and ups to use as a usability study focus groups.

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    I think this is a great article. I would love to see more design focused articles from SEL. Thanks for your feedback. I believe more than mos that usability is almost if not more important than SEO. I am a huge believer in SEO and all of our sites are easily navigated unless directed otherwise by our clients.

  • justinL

    I’m going to have to agree with the above poster (EG online)
    This is a great blog, and I have to say that SEO is only as good as the website itself. Website usability has been put off for many years because of all the hullabaloo over SEO. Your users will only want the information they have come for off the search engine, if they do not get it, they aren’t a useful visitor.

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