• http://www.brickmarketing.com nickstamoulis

    Excellent data! I am actually shocked to see that 46% of people part of this study ignored internet banner Ads, I would think that this would be much lower…

  • http://www.JohnWEllis.com JohnWEllis


    Thanks for sharing this data.

    No good comes from asking people what ads are “helpful”. People will always say they don’t like advertising and commercials. “It’s annoying”.

    I get it every day. “Oh, you do those ads? I ignore those.”
    My answer, “Oh, no you don’t. You just think about when you do.”

    It’s only when ads don’t feel like ads they work. When someone is looking for widget A and a paid search campaign shows an ad for widget A, that’s no longer an ad. That’s filling the current demand. That’s helpful.

    Search ads, if done properly, will be favored by audiences, despite what they say in surveys.