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    I guess it’s very easy to understand that failure of one business is gain for their competitors. And every business should be very careful not to give an edge to their competitor

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    Bing needs to be less demanding about what it includes in its index. People have sort of come to accept that from Ask but to compete with Google you have to provide comprehensive results. There are still many queries where notable Websites do not appear in Bing’s search results. They are unquestionably the pickiest search engine in the field right now.

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    I think this is a fascinating piece of research. While it’s obviously not going to make any sensible marketer immediately jump up and abandon Bing in favor of Ask, it does make me wonder, “When does it make more sense to use Ask?”

    I’ve written up my thoughts over on my site, but the basic summary is how do you identify your company / client as one of those hard to find ones that people won’t be able to easily find through Google? And given that people searching for your company often fail to find it on Google, how do you take advantage of this knowledge of Ask?

    I don’t have all the answers myself, but I think it is a very interesting question. Thanks to Chitika for the research.


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    Yahoo and Ask are good option when we not get right result of our search on Google search.I am not surprise if next 2 year if Yahoo and Ask take over Google because they update its self very fast.