• Rolands Petrevics

    And this is why I decided invest a minute of my life to say thanks to Eric Ward for just another great and insightful article…. instead of ‘one-second finger tap’ on G+ button.

  • Rob Willox

    We will never really know how these different shares will be weighted but it seems pretty obvious that single-click linking from a mobile device will not attract as important a weighting.

    It’s also possible that with Google+ author/authorship ranking factors being taken into account for search rankings it will become more important to build your G+ profile and perhaps even on mobile devices, being logged into G+ could also contribute to the value placed on a ‘share’ made on the go!

  • Ben Donahower

    As far as your other topic, link removal just as silly today… Yea, I’m not convinced asking a bunch of spammy webmasters to remove links is a fruitful use of an SEOI’s time… There are exceptions of course, but I’d rather start building an organic link profile and get them back to normal through good behavior and better links moving forward.

  • Britt Mccrimmon

    Great post I am going to have to come back and read this one again. Is it safe to say that the type of share or link now will carry its own authority. Will social shares create weaker links due to the masses?

  • http://codeangry.com/ Claude “CodeAngry” Adrian

    Social shares always create weaker links. Why? My opinion is that is due to the aging factor. Social stuff is all about novelty and freshness. So new outweighs old. Social link life span to me is a blink of an eye compared to non-social links.

    Old school Links = Stability, Social Links = A bit of Traffic.

  • http://twitter.com/Tambourinos Michael Thomson

    “This raises some interesting questions. Are links that require more time
    and effort to insert into content more credible than links shared by a
    one-second button tap on an iPhone?” – I use PostRank’s 5 C’s of Engagement to value ‘signals’. Share, Retweet, Like, etc. all require little effort, this comment medium, but a blog post for example (a real blog post, not a guest post) with a link in it = high effort. For that reason, how hard it is to earn/create a signal is still the key judgement factor in how important that signal is to a search engine. Excellent article.