• Duane Forrester

    Another excellent article Gord. I’m still slightly befuddled by Google’s desire to share little with people. And also by statements that make me think they are blind to certain realities.

    Take for instance the point discussed around refinement tools on the SERP pages.

    Valid question, and to be fair, a valid answer. I am a bit surprised little value is placed by Google on the “sheer volume” aspect. By phrasing it this way I think they are attempting to divert reader’s/searcher’s thinking with the somewhat negative commentary about this concept. The fact remains, most Americans (and most people) see the concept of “more” as better. Thus we see Google defending their decision in a moralist manner, when users just want a relevant result. Why the issue with giving me more choices? Think I can’t handle it? Or do you want to actively guide me in a direction of your choosing?

    Overall, though, I can see why many questiosn were answered they way they were. I always cringe when someone declines to explore a question in any way, though.

    Still, given the typically stoic (sp?) stance Google tends to take on many things, I think this was a great interview. My nits aside, it’s always great to see the biggest players talking about the future, even in limited terms. It still gives creadence to many of the unfolding focal points we see today like video search and mobile search.

    Truly we’ve got to wrap our heads around what is already a whole new paradigm.