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    Amongst those in your list I’d still vote for search engines. YPs don’t have enough local data to really own anything in this regard – they know what and where – not who and when (or to the extent that they appear to, it’s powered by someone else). Apps like Foursquare or social media platforms like Facebook are getting closer with the who, when, and where but the what (is going on there) is still pretty weak. Search engines, though not architected to really deal with the breadth of local data of real value, at least have it all. More importantly, they have the volume of activity, only rivaled by Facebook as a potential source, to have even the most granular local data – and the very dynamic nature of the data.

    So, who’s next? What’s next? A blend of those experiences.
    Something like Zvents.com gets closer but doesn’t (yet?) have the social/personal data about YOUR location – on the other hand it knows what, when, where, and who (to an extent), and has the volume of data to get granular details via it’s platform.

    Facebook is potentially there though Places needs a lot of work to map Events to the locations, Company Pages to the local pages, and rapid adoption to get popularity and the WHO consideration in Local.