• http://rookstudios.com Rowan

    I can’t find fault with any of the points drawn in this post, but what about some of the negatives of display search – How do you see things like click-fraud affecting the up-take of display advertising?

  • http://www.frontstreetconsulting.com Justin Freid

    Great post Josh. Everything you pointed out makes sense, display is growing and retargeting will be at the forefront of that growth. The one issue I see with many advertisers/clients is ROI and in order to foster that growth display needs to improve its ROI.

    Specifically for lead generation campaigns display needs the benefit of view through conversions and a high attribution percentage to be deemed profitable or worth the investment. If your client puts more value in search or their TV advertising, chances are display will be viewed as the runt of your marketing campaign. This leading to less of an investment. (that said, retargeting obviously has it’s benefits for lead gen)

    I know display is growing, but I fear it is growing for the wrong reasons. It’s growing because there are millions and millions of cheap impressions out there, not because it is a great marketing tool.

  • http://www.whatsthegoodword.com brianpfitzgerald

    I think this article makes a compelling argument for the advertiser demand that exists and how display can help address that demand. I think the trend that is not addressed here, or that is still up for debate, is the frame of mind that a consumer is in when they are served these different types of ads. When someone is searching, on a search engine, they are in a mindset where they have a need for information and they are looking for information. When someone is shown a display ad while they are reading an article, checking their email, etc. they are not in that same mindset. I think this presents challenges.

    Interesting to see how this space will continue to evolve.