• Hugo Loriot

    I’m not sure you compute Display share of Google revenues the right way. Indeed Google reports 69% revenues on O&O properties and roughly 26% on Adsense, but the vast majority of Adsense revenues come from Search (AFS) , then GDN-text. When you read estimates about Display revenues this year, it could reach $4b (10% of Google revenues), while Search still accounts for almost 90%. Based on that, you can re-estimate Mobile revenues split.

  • http://www.schmeetz.com schmeetz

    Google will if people don’t add adsenseformobileapps.com to their negatives. Lost a lot of money before catching that one!

  • http://screenwerk.com Greg Sterling


    AdMob probably has several hundred million in revenue. But you’re right that search dominates. The percentage split is up for debate.