• http://www.monicawright.com Monica Wright

    Just learned you can use this with “satellites overhead” too!

  • Matt McGee

    Oh wow, that might be the coolest thing ever. It says there are 1,822 satellites above me. But it has my location wrong. Thinks I’m down in Oregon (where Charter’s IP must default to). Still – amazing.

  • http://goo.gl/KclW9 Carson J Gallo

    Imagine seeing a 747 Airliner with distance at 0.0 Miles, Angles 180 Degrees Down, with the Altitude going down live at 1,000 feet per second.

    That would be some scary shit.

  • http://hauntingthunder.wordpress.com/ Maurice Walshe

    So Flight Global have had this for ages (and a map to)


  • http://www.south-wales.org/ Paul Thomas

    You forgot to qualify your article with the words “…if you’re located in the USA.”
    Please remember that you have readers outside the USA.

  • Matt McGee

    Hey Paul – check the second paragraph from the end: “…available for U.S. searches only.”

  • http://www.contentping.com trinity_hartman

    Hi Matt. Sounds like a fun app. Too bad it doesn’t track non-commercial flights. I’m always wondering about the weird military & Boeing planes that fly over Seattle.

  • http://www.theonlinemarketingguy.com duane forrester

    HA! When you were testing this Matt, I was actually ON AA Flight 621 from DFW to Seattle coming home! LOL

    Very cool tech, though – gotta play with this on my phone. :)

  • http://www.n49Interactive.com Rick Silver

    Cool. Seems to work in Canada as well.