• hou nym

    Once again, it must be said, Yahoo is a media company and more than ever a news company. The point of voice is to create an editorial board over their huge swath which is not easy. But, something Yahoo needs to do as a news company.
    It has linked with ABC is the biggest online news network, it needs an editorial board, they bought Associated Content to be that board.

  • TimmyTime

    It needs to be said that some of these sites have much better content now.

  • http://DonPennington.info Donald Pennington

    As a contributor on Yahoo! Voices, I’m glad to see they’ve made some of the decisions they have. I can also understand why they did. I welcome the changes

  • Matt McGee

    What were the guidelines like before the change, Don?

  • AprilK

    It’s a good thing that yahoo switch their domain and eliminated the unneeded content. However, I do wonder how well they are doing financially. I noticed that the ads on their site is from Chikta and Yahoo ads rather than google adsense (at least those are the ads I see. I’m abroad so could be that others see different ads).

  • http://paulanealmooney.com PAULA NEAL MOONEY

    I’ve written for Associated Content since August of 2006, so thank you for this article — it sent me into my Yahoo! Voices account to see if any of my pieces have been deleted.

    I don’t really know — and I’m trying to remember the previous guidelines.

    They’ve changed over the years, but of course there were word count minimums, and they always want us writers to strive for the best quality and accurate research.

    Okay, time to make the doughnuts…