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    Even with all the nasty press Yelp received over the last few months, I think they have potential to become the leader in the local space. In my experience, their user community is loyal, using the site frequently and exclusive of other local review sites.

    The aggressive Yelp sales calls are a turn off for some businesses, but as they improve on their relationship with business owners, recurring ad revenue may rise.

    A good combination of user generated content, solid SEO, and open relationship with both businesses and consumers should help put Yelp on top.

  • davebarnes

    As someone who is a consumer and participates in Yelp a lot;
    As someone who consults to small business owners about using Yelp;

    I think this new service offering will be just fine.

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    I agree that “he said/she said” attitude can turn a website into a massive catfight, yet not allowing businesses to respond decreases the interactive value of Yelp and diminishes its advertising potential. With the newly introduced talk-back feature we will see major differences in the near future. The ability to react to both positive and negative feedback will considerably increase the amount of comments and reviews and as a result, drive more traffic to the site. People are generally impacted by numbers. The more reviews and responses they see, the more they are like to leave their own comments.
    Will the new feature allow Yelp to completely eliminate the problem fake reviews? Doubt it. But it will provide business owners with more effective (and legitimate) ways to handle reputation management.