• http://rick.ly/myplusprofile Rick Bucich

    re: Panda – Based on my own first hand observations diagnosing my own site and others, this is about as spot on as one can be without having first hand knowledge of the algo.

    What is tough is many small sites only track traffic, not engagement so they are angry and disillusioned when hit by Panda. In addition, the “crude” competitor metrics are not freely available to all.

    If you’ve been hit by Panda and have found yourself angry and feeling victimized, read this post several times over until you can fully digest the implications.

    I’ve been using a restaurant analogy – if a restaurant depended on new visitors for all of its business, would you expect it to survive? Of course not! Websites now need to cultivate the same behavior as a good restaurant.

  • TimmyTime

    “Here we are, five months after Panda and the only publicly confirmed Panda recovery stories are those that followed the Panda 2.3 update. This is notable because this particular update was one in which Google took actions to help restore some sites that were unfairly hit by the earlier versions of Panda.”

    Your first sentence pretty much destroyed everything you said. Those that came back did so because Google manually changed the criteria, not because they followed your or Google’s advice. Checking the metrics of some of the sites hurt and re-instated, we can see that nothing changed. Is it possible that no one did what Google said months before they changed the criteria?

    Google may have very well given up on panda sites, they get less and much worst traffic when it comes to relevancy so all engagement measurements are likely to go down as a result. So give it up or spend the money on Adwords to become a brand, make Google happy, and you do not have to worry about penalties anymore. Pay to play, ala Larry Page.