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Adam Goldberg

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Attribution Technology: What’s Best For Your Needs?

A few months ago, I wrote an article titled Attribution: What It Is And Why It’s Important where I discussed two types of attribution: operational and project based attribution. For this post, I want to go one step further and explain how you can use several different types of technologies for operational and project-based attribution. […]

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Is Celebrity Tweetvertising Worth Paying For?

Last January, I wrote about finding The Value of a Facebook Fan, which effectively took the number of fans a brand has on Facebook, multiplied that by the average number of friends a Facebook user has to determine the number of impressions each brand would receive from each users network, and then applied an average […]

Analytics & conversion

Attribution: What It Is And Why It’s Important

Forrester Research, Inc. recently released their Interactive Attribution Q4: 2009 report, a 44-criteria evaluation of interactive attribution vendors. The report opens with a statement of why accurate, interactive attribution is so crucial: “The de facto industry standard of measuring the value of campaigns or media placements by the most recent click or interaction is ripe […]


Ads Don’t Always Sell What They Are Created To Sell

Your ads are often not selling the products that you designed them to sell. We have found that upwards of 48.38% percent of the time people end up buying a product different than the the one featured on ad they clicked on, and upwards of 11.28% of the time they bought a similar product, but […]

Analytics & conversion

Giving Credit To Keywords Where Credit Is Due

We exhibited at the Internet Retailer show in Boston recently. The signage in our booth touted that we had the ability to do attribution management. For that reason, a lot of people came up to us and told us about a situation they are facing that is very common with paid search marketers: their branded […]


Search + Display Advertising = Reduced Cost Per Acquisition

There have been numerous reports published over the years by Google, Yahoo and Microsoft that attempt to prove how the use of display advertising, when combined with search, can increase your overall campaign performance. A recent report published by iProspect, Search Engine Marketing and Online Display Integration Study was featured in an article for MediaPost […]


How To Optimize When You Have Long Sales Cycles

When I speak to lead generation marketers at conferences and shows, the first thing I tell them is to get beyond a Cost Per Lead (CPL)  metric and to tie their closed deals back to the lead and back to the ads that produced the lead. Once they’re able to do this, they can then […]

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