Conversion Optimization: Do This First, Part 2

In my last post, Conversion Optimization: Do This First we used our analytics package to identify the pages that were important in the conversion optimization process. This month we’re going to look at some tools and techniques which will help us identify which elements of these pages and processes are in need of improvement. By […]


Conversion Optimization: Do This First

Have you made the move beyond SEO to conversion optimization? Haven’t heard of it? According to Wikipedia, “Conversion optimization is the science and art of creating an experience for a website visitor with the goal of converting the visitor into a customer.” While this seems to me to be a fairly accurate description of the […]

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Report: It’s A Good Time To Be A Web Analyst, Not Quite So A Google Analytics Competitor

Econsultancy just released its annual Web Analytics Buyers Guide, and in conjunction with its Online Measurement and Strategy Report forms an in-depth analysis of the marketplace over here in the UK. On the whole it makes for very interesting (and heart-warming) reading. That is, unless you are a paid-for web analytics provider residing at the […]


5 Web Analytics New Year Resolutions

It’s that time of year again. Well-meaning people all over the world are proclaiming that they will quit smoking, drink less, eat fewer bacon sandwiches and of course, make more of an effort to analyze the performance of their websites. I am afraid I can’t help anyone with the first three having repeatedly failed with […]

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Analyzing AdWords Positions In Google Analytics

The Holy Grail for any self-respecting AdWords campaign manager must be confirmation that the ad positions they are targeting with their AdWords campaigns provide the best possible return on ad spend (RoAS). Having an answer (based on concrete data) when a client/boss/sales manager/curious business partner inevitably questions your carefully crafted position/bid strategy, is surely gold-dust […]


Convert More New Users Using Advanced Segments

Whether your site’s purpose is ecommerce, data capture, whitepaper download or something altogether different, it’s almost certain that there is some kind of action you want users to complete. Channelling as many of your prospects as possible to this action should be pretty high on your “list of stuff to do on the site.” First step, make sure you have some way of tracking these actions and that you know what your conversion rate is.

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