Pamela Parker

Pamela Parker

Pamela Parker is Research Director at Third Door Media's Content Studio, where she produces MarTech Intelligence Reports and other in-depth content for digital marketers in conjunction with Search Engine Land and MarTech. Prior to taking on this role at TDM, she served as Content Manager, Senior Editor and Executive Features Editor. Parker is a well-respected authority on digital marketing, having reported and written on the subject since its beginning. She's a former managing editor of ClickZ and has also worked on the business side helping independent publishers monetize their sites at Federated Media Publishing. Parker earned a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University.

Google Ads

AdSense Ad Review Center Gets Overhaul

Google has revamped the Ad Review Center for AdSense, aiming to make it easier for publishers to control the ads that appear on their sites. The new Ad Review center will show ads of all targeting types that have previously appeared, and allow publishers to review and block future display of them. If ads are […]

Google Ads

Display Gets Its Own Interface, New Keyword Targeting In AdWords

Google says it’s tired of squeezing display advertising into an interface made for search, so it’s giving display its own tab within the AdWords interface. Given that display was launched almost as an afterthought to AdWords’ core search ads business, it makes sense to start from scratch and give display its due. The new interface […]


Microsoft’s adCenter Improvements Rolling Out Fast And Furiously

A year and a half ago, changes to Microsoft’s adCenter interface appeared maybe once or twice a quarter. This year, stay tuned for monthly updates bringing everything from Broad Match Modifier, a desktop version for the Mac, a special version for small businesses, and more integrated interactive ads on Bing. “When we talk about the […]

Google Ads

New Ad Status Info Added To AdWords

Google is providing AdWords users with a new way to figure out whether their ads are approved, or not, and why. The new feature is expected to be especially helpful for folks placing ads in categories restricted by the company’s advertising policies. To view an ad’s status, hover over the speech bubble in the Status […]


Microsoft adCenter Re-Intros Yahoo Rich Ads, Tweaks Negative Keywords And Landing Page Functionality

Microsoft Advertising seems to be introducing a new feature a day, these days. Some of the more interesting: the re-introduction of Yahoo Rich Ads In Search (RAIS), changes to negative keyword behavior and the ability to pick specific landing pages per match type. The re-introduction of Yahoo RAIS, mentioned by both Portent and Rimm-Kaufman Group, […]

Google Ads

Google Opens Kimono (Slightly) On AdWords Screening Measures

Followers of news about Google AdWords know that problematic errors — instances in which ads that violate the company’s own advertising standards slip by — come up quite regularly. Most recently, Google, along with advertiser ProFlowers, was roundly and publicly criticized for AdWords that seemed to indicate that local florists were sold out in advance […]

Google Ads

Google Research: Yes, You Still Need To Keep Buying Search Ads

Though most marketers likely think of their SEO activities and their paid search advertising as complementary, you’ve probably wondered, at one time or another, what would happen if you paused your CPC ads entirely or just cut them back dramatically. Google’s research folks covered this topic back in July of last year, when it concluded […]

Google Maps

Associated Press To Use Google Maps For Super Tuesday Results

Just a week after Foursquare said it would drop Google Maps, the Associated Press announced it will use the application to distribute Super Tuesday primary results to AP Election Services subscribers. AP will supply the feed of vote results and subscribers will be able to use Google Maps to display on their websites or on […]


Search Alliance Beginning adCenter Rollout In the UK, France & Ireland

The Yahoo/Microsoft Search Alliance this week is beginning to transition Yahoo Search Marketing campaigns to AdCenter accounts in the UK, France and Ireland. The companies last month announced they’d begin testing adCenter ads on Yahoo in those countries. Organic results have been powered by Microsoft’s Bing for some time. Ramping of Yahoo traffic will begin […]


AdCenter Revamps Location Targeting To Mimic AdWords

Microsoft adCenter is making changes to its location targeting functionality that will bring it into line with the industry standard Google AdWords. Now, the “market” (distribution channel) will no longer be available as a targeting option. It will be replaced by “language” and “target location” as individual targeting options. Advertisers will be able to target […]

Google Ads

Google AdWords Gets Shared Lists To Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry

Sick of inputting the same things across multiple campaigns in Google AdWords? Yeah, Google suspected that was the case. Following the same philosophy that spawned the introduction of negative keyword lists in January of last year, Google has added placement exclusion lists and list suggestions. All of these will live in a new place on […]


AdWords Gets More Granular With New Mobile Targeting Options

Say you’re marketing an Android app via AdWords targeted to mobile devices, but your product only works on Honeycomb and newer versions of the OS — still, you keep getting folks with older versions showing up on your landing page, and likely getting frustrated. That’s exactly the type of problem Google is trying to address […]

Google Ads

AdGroup-Level Impression Share Metrics Coming To AdWords

Google is releasing new functionality for AdWords that is aimed at helping them better allocate their budgets. The new feature will give advertisers impression share metrics down to the Ad Group level. Previously, impression share metrics were available only at the campaign level, which didn’t help when advertisers were trying to determine which particular ad […]


Report: FTC Expanding Anti-Trust Investigation Of Google To Include Google+

The wide-ranging Federal Trade Commission investigation into Google’s potential anti-competitive practices has been expanded to include its Google+ social networking service, according to a Bloomberg report citing “people familiar with the situation.” The news is likely to please critics like the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), which earlier this week called for the FTC to […]


Search Alliance Begins First AdCenter Testing In Europe

Microsoft adCenter ads are soon coming to Yahoo pages in France, Ireland and the United Kingdom, Microsoft announced today. The first testing for the roll-out will commence mid-January and may involve up to 10% of Yahoo’s traffic in these geographies. Microsoft suggests advertisers closely monitor campaigns and be prepared to increase budgets if they’re more […]

Google Ads

BBC Report: Google Admits Accepting Illegal AdWords In The UK

Ads for illegal Olympic ticket resellers, ads for cannabis, and ads for fake identification cards and UK passports. All illegal, but all could, up until recently, be found on, according to a British Broadcasting Company (BBC) investigation publicized today. Though Google shut down the illegal advertisers when the matter was brought to the company’s attention […]

Google Ads

Google Expands Test Of AdWords That Collect Email Addresses

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen significantly more people reporting they’ve seen AdWords that allow advertisers to collect email addresses directly in the ad unit. Now Google has confirmed it has expanded the trial of the lead generation format to additional advertisers. We’ve seen the format used by daily deal provider bloomspot, which […]


Adobe To Acquire Digital Marketing Agency Efficient Frontier

Adobe has agreed to acquire digital marketing agency Efficient Frontier, which has a strong search marketing practice and technology to manage Facebook advertising. The companies didn’t disclose the terms of the deal. The companies said Efficient Frontier would become a part of Adobe’s Digital Marketing suite, which includes technologies and services it acquired with web […]

Google Ads

AdWords Unveils New Top-Of-Page Bidding Options

Google introduced a report in July that let AdWords advertisers compare performance between top-of-page ads and those appearing on the side (and now the bottom) of the page. Then it began letting advertisers know how high they have to bid to appear at the top. Now, there are a couple more ways to capitalize on […]

Google Ads

Google Acknowledges Bug in AdWords Keyword Tool

Observant users of Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool have noticed something odd in recent days — when you do an exact match search on certain terms, the volume reported is zero. Surely someone has been searching on terms like wine, iPod, and dogs. Indeed, a Google spokesperson confirms that it’s a bug. “We’re aware of a […]


Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Search Engine? Bing’s New TV Ads Have A Ranking/Bass Stop-Motion Flavor

If you know that Hermey The Elf longs to be a dentist, that Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer’s girlfriend is named Clarice, and if you can sing “Silver and Gold” as well as Yukon Cornelius, Bing’s new holiday ad campaign will be right up your alley. The Microsoft search engine’s newest video spots play off the classic Rankin/Bass Christmas […]


Feds Shut Down Mortgage Scammers on Bing/Yahoo

The online advertising mortgage scam investigation announced last week by the Treasury Department involves Bing and Yahoo, as well as Google. the agency has revealed. The Office of the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (SIGTARP) says 125 scams in all have been shut down, as Bing has ceased relationship with more […]


Google Leads In Search Engines’ Efforts To Woo TV Viewers

Google’s “Dear Sophie” TV spot for Chrome, in which a father creates a Gmail account for his newborn daughter and sends her multi-media messages as she grows up, earned the top spot in Ace Metrix’ rankings of websites’ TV advertisements. Despite being a recent and reluctant entrant to TV advertising, Google dominated the rankings with […]


Google+ Pages For Businesses: The AdWords Impact

Google’s introduction yesterday of Google+ Pages for businesses will likely have a dramatic impact on +1s in AdWords. When businesses create a Page on Google+, they can link the page to their web site URLs and also to their AdWords account. When that’s done, +1s for any of the linked URLs — on web sites […]

Google Ads

Google Unveils Ad Preferences Center For Search And Gmail Ads

Sensitive to privacy issues surrounding ad targeting, Google is opening the kimono to consumers about why certain search and Gmail ads are targeted to certain people. The company is launching an additional section to its ad preference center — where users can already manage targeting criteria for display ads. In the new area, people will […]

Google Ads

Google Revamps AdWords Location Targeting Tool

Google is unveiling some changes to its location-targeting tool in AdWords which allow advertisers to search and discover new targets, view targeted areas on a map, and get additional information about the audience likely to see the targeted ads. The first change involves a search interface that gives instant results on matching locations, locations that […]

Google Ads

AdSense Publishers Get Display Reporting By Network

Google has long allowed approved third-party networks to serve inventory into its AdSense display network, and now it says publishers will begin to get reporting on impressions served, earnings and performance by network. The third-party networks in AdSense are enabled via Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange, and the system aims to let publishers to serve the […]

Google Ads

Google Intros Dynamic Search Ads

Google is opening wider a beta test of Dynamic Search Ads, an interesting new type of AdWords ad for larger advertisers that eliminates the need for keywords. With this ad type, designed for retailers or other advertisers with large, often-changing inventory, Google automatically generates ad copy — based on the advertiser’s template — by looking […]


Google Shuttering Buzz In Favor Of Google+; Farewell To Labs

Buzz was a great learning experience, says Google, but in a few weeks it will be shut down and all such efforts will be focused on Google Plus. The move will likely come as no surprise to Google-watchers, who noted that Buzz integration with Google+ was minimal. Additionally, the Google Labs page, as previously announced, […]


Report: Paid Search Rebounded In Q3 2011

Paid search advertising grew 24% in the third quarter of 2011 as compared to the year-ago period, according to a new report by interactive marketing agency Covario. A second report on the quarter conducted by Marin Software finds that click volume increased by 22% year-over-year while cost-per-click prices were lower, indicating marketers achieved increased efficiency. […]

Google Ads

Google Display Network Begins Showing +1s With Ads Today

Visitors to Google Display Network sites will begin seeing +1s and annotations on display ads for the first time today, according to Google. The initiative, announced nearly a month ago, is aimed at adding social cues — recommendations — to display advertising. The addition of social cues at least partly takes its cues from Facebook […]

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