Canadian advertisers now have access to Google vehicle ads

The availability of vehicle ads will extend to additional countries at a future date.

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Beginning in April 2023, vehicle ads will become accessible to all Canadian advertisers.

What’s so special about vehicle ads. Vehicle ads serve as a performance-oriented, omnichannel, lower-funnel ad format, enabling automotive advertisers to showcase their entire inventory to potential customers searching for vehicles on

This format presents customers with an image of the car, along with details such as make, model, price, kilometers, and advertiser name. When a customer clicks on a vehicle ad, they are directed to the Vehicle Description Page (VDP) on the advertiser’s website. Here, they can undertake further actions, such as contacting the dealer, submitting a lead form, or performing other tasks before visiting the dealership.

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Vehicle ads in the United States

Dig deeper. Learn more about vehicle ads in the Google Merchant Center Help guide here.

Why we care. This format presents a valuable opportunity for advertisers to promote their entire inventory to interested customers searching for vehicles on Google.

By effectively showcasing key details such as make, model, price, and kilometers, advertisers can attract more potential buyers and streamline the purchasing process. The seamless transition from vehicle ads to the Vehicle Description Page on the advertiser’s website enables customers to take further actions, such as contacting the dealer or submitting a lead form, ultimately driving higher conversion rates and generating increased revenue for advertisers.

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