Google Ads Editor version 2.0 supports Performance Max campaigns

The update also includes support for custom actions and action triggers, conversion goals, shared audiences and more.

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Google Ads Editor version 2.0 is now available, Google announced Monday. This version includes support for Performance Max campaigns, shared audiences, custom actions and action triggers, conversion goals and more.

Why we care. The Google Ads Editor can be a nifty tool for working offline or making bulk edits. These updates provide advertisers with more of the Google Ads capabilities they may be used to, while helping the tool keep up with some of the recent changes that Google has made.

Noteworthy features. Google has listed full support for Performance Max campaigns, asset groups and product groups at the top of its features list for this release — that’s not at all surprising as the company has positioned this campaign type at the center of many of its updates and announcements recently.

Custom actions have been added to help advertisers more easily repeat tasks, such as replacing text or adjusting bids, for example. Action triggers, which are also new, can automatically execute one or more custom actions when a certain event occurs.

Support for conversion goals has been added. And, this version also allows advertisers to create and edit shared Audiences and attach them to ad groups and asset groups.

What is the Google Ads Editor? The Google Ads Editor is a downloadable application that enables you to manage your Google Ads campaigns offline. The changes are later uploaded to Google Ads, which syncs them with your campaigns.

Google skipped version 1.9. The previous update to the Google Ads Editor was version 1.8, released in November 2021. The recent releases section of the announcement (on the right-hand side of the page) does not list version 1.9 as a release.

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