Google Chrome updates search suggestions

Google Chrome will now show you what others are searching for in the search box and search suggestions will show more image thumbnails.

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Google Chrome is rolling out updates to make changes and improvements to the search suggestions it shows in the search box within its browser. Google will show what others are search for with the “people also search for” section. Google will also show image thumbnails for some search suggestions in Chrome.

I believe many of these features have been live in the main search interface for many years.

Chrome search suggestions

The search box will show you what others are searching for when you are signed into your Google account. Google said, “you’ll see suggestions in the Google Search box related to your previous searches based on similar things others are looking for.”

Here is a screenshot Google provided but we’ve seen Google doing this in the main search results page for some time now.

Google Chrome People Also Search For

More images for search suggestions

Google will also show more image thumbnails near the search suggestions. Google said, “Android and iOS, Chrome will now show helpful images for broader shopping categories and products based on a simpler search, like “bohemian table.”

We’ve also seen this from Google back in 2019.

Images Google Search Suggestions

Why we care

Your website may get more exposure in the Google Search results if searchers see suggestions that your website would rank for. These search features within Chrome may impact your traffic from Google Search in a positive or negative way.

So keep an eye out for these changes and see if it has any impact on your site’s search traffic.

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