Google local knowledge panel profile images are not loading in search

Broken images in the local Google results seem to be caused by a bug.

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There is an active bug with Google search. It’s not loading the profile images in the local knowledge panel section. If you search for your favorite business and the local knowledge panel shows up in the search results, both desktop or mobile results, the profile images will not load. Instead, you will either see a blank white space or a broken graphic image.

This is a global and widespread issue that has been reported to Google. We assume it will be resolved shortly, but until then, you do not need to panic. Google should fix the issue on its end.

Here are some screen shots I took from both desktop and mobile of some local knowledge panels:

Local Images Broken Google

Local Google Panel Image Missing 1522842162

Mike Blumenthal, who is a top contributor volunteer at Google confirmed the company has been notified of the issue:

Postscript: This is now fixed as of 10:30am EST.

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