FAQ: How to contribute to the community

Third Door Media gives accomplished marketers the opportunity to share tactics, perspectives and their expert predictions by speaking at our events or contributing to our publications: Marketing Land, MarTech Today and Search Engine Land.

We are grateful that many of the most esteemed digital marketing experts have written for our sites or presented on our stages.

We do not take unsolicited pitches, but these guidelines tell you how to become a contributor. The guidelines are virtually the same for event speakers and online content contributors.

Please read this FAQs carefully. It will enable you to decide if contributing is right for you.

What are your platforms for community content?

Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and MarTech Today are our three digital publications. Search Marketing Expo – SMX and MarTech are our conferences. 

Who can contribute?

We look for marketers who can bring a unique perspective. You should have in-depth professional experience in digital marketing and be willing to share knowledge with other marketers. In many cases, that requires a level of expertise that comes with senior- and executive-level experience, but we are always looking for rising stars who have proven tactics to share as well.

What if I represent a technology vendor or solutions/service provider?

We make decisions based on the strength of the content and its value to our audiences. Overall, we look mainly for contributors who work in marketing for brands or agencies and have a limited inventory in our agenda and publishing calendars for contributions from marketing technology vendors and services providers.

All submissions must meet our guidelines against self-promotion.

Our events and publications also offer sponsored content opportunities. Those sponsorships enable solutions providers to highlight their thought leadership or describe the benefits of their software or services. If you are interested in those opportunities, click here.

What are the self-promotion guidelines?

We aspire to create and amplify content that elevates digital marketing and digital marketers more than it promotes the author. The most successful contributors put the audience first, and reap residual benefits of speaking or contributing by doing so.

Contributors are prohibited from presenting content that we deem self-promotional. In general, we will not approve content that mentions (or links) to the writer’s company or a product of that company. We will also reject content that focuses on use-cases or specific challenges that their product may help solve.

There are exceptions, but they are rare and usually occur in cases where the content provides especially high editorial value as decided by our content team.

If you don’t take unsolicited pitches, how do I get noticed?

Most of our community contributors are recruited. We are passionate about digital marketing and pay close attention to the prominent voices in our industry.

But new voices emerge every day and we have a few avenues to get noticed by our team.

With events, we open requests for speakers a few times a year. But the most reliable way to get on our radar for potential speaking opportunities is to create content for our publications first.

We do not take unsolicited pitches of already-written pieces or potential article ideas. Instead, we have two opportunities for potential contributors to contribute in the form below.

  • Submit a Pro Tip. This is a short piece (400 words maximum) that lays out an actionable tactic that marketers can use in their day-to-day work.
  • Submit a Soapbox. This is a 250-word piece that makes an observation about some pressing issues affecting our industry.

If accepted, the piece will run across our digital channels and you will be added to the community for future assignments. To submit a Pro Tip or Soapbox, scroll down and fill out the submission form.

Ok, now what?

If you are interested in speaking at our events, please visit the SMX speaking page or the MarTech speaking page for our calendar.

If you have never produced digital content for us and would like to join the community, please submit a Pro Tip or a Soapbox below. You will be asked to provide a short bio as well. We will respond to all entries bi-monthly.

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Submit your Soapbox, Pro Tip below