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Designing PPC landing pages that convert with Brian Massey

Create dazzling digital experiences that drive more conversions

Available now | $299

This class aired live on February 28-29 and is now available on-demand. In the game of paid search ads, “The player who converts best wins.” Higher conversion rates drive ROAS up, slash acquisition costs, and allow you to out-bid the competition. The key to a higher conversion rate is the landing experience. Properly designed, a relevant landing experience will get you more revenue from fewer clicks.

You may have spent thousands of dollars last month on ads. How much did you spend to refine your landing pages and product detail pages? Probably not much. It’s easy to spend money on ads. How do you invest in your landing pages?

Brian Massey of Conversion Sciences is going to show you how to invest wisely in your landing pages to drive all of your paid ad metrics deeper into the green.

In this exclusive Master Class, Brian will take you through the process of designing a PPC landing page, showing you where to do simple experiments that will drive the ROI on your ad spend higher. Plus, he’ll show you how using AI to create personas for more accurate messaging will increase efficiency and conversions.

The days of “Launch and See” marketing are behind us. Marketers, designers, and CMOs aren’t waiting for the results of campaigns. They are building results into their landing experience design process. Join Brian to gain the tools and the confidence to design and execute winning PPC ad campaigns.

Here’s a breakdown of what will be covered:

  • Why your design is doomed and what to do about it

  • You don’t need to be a Data Scientist

  • How to think about your audience

  • Using AI personas to target your messaging

  • The Scientific Method

  • Collecting and prioritizing ideas

  • Using data to grow your idea list

  • The two jobs of an experimenter

  • The rules of data quality

  • Increasing the sample sizes

  • Increasing the sample quality

  • The data you already have

  • Creating data

  • Using AI to summarize qualitative data

  • Session recordings

  • User testing videos

  • The two jobs of a landing page

  • Thank you page surveys

  • Getting started with AB testing

  • A new way to design

  • Site reviews

After this Master Class, you’ll be able to:

  • Know why you don’t need a data scientist

  • Apply the rules of behavioral science to your designs

  • Use data to identify the ideal offer and wording

  • Using AI to create persuasive copy

  • Find the friction in your page layout

  • Optimize forms for lead generation

  • Determine what to change, what to leave the same, and what to test

  • Run a focus group from your desk

  • Design and analyze an AB test

Who should attend this Master Class?

This Master Class will be very effective for any business that is selling online or generating leads for the business online, specifically: digital marketers, business owners, CMOs, designers, UX professionals, copywriters, etc.

Meet your Master Class instructor

Brian Massey has been teaching and writing about digital marketing since 2005. He donned a lab coat in 2007 and created one of the first conversion optimization agencies, Conversion Sciences. His company has run thousands of tests on the websites of companies of all types and sizes. The process his company has developed is a proven, repeatable way to build high-performing digital campaigns, from ad click to purchase. Today, he is a highly-rated speaker and teacher on digital marketing concepts for digital businesses in any industry.


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